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Sangeetha Balakrishna: Redefining Leadership in a Dynamic Market

Sangeetha Balakrishna, Founder and CEO of Amantra FM
Sangeetha Balakrishna, Founder and CEO of Amantra FM

2024 Women's Day Special Interview

In the competitive arena of facility management, a realm traditionally dominated by male leadership, Sangeetha Balakrishna stands as a testament to the power of innovative thought and indomitable spirit. As the Founder and CEO of Amantra Facilities Management, she has not only carved a niche in a difficult market but has also been recognized as one of the top Women CEOs in the region, catapulting her company into the top 50 facility management companies within just two years.

Overcoming the Odds

Sangeetha’s journey is one punctuated by challenges that have been as diverse as they have been complex. From cultural and country changes to navigating the tumultuous tides of a volatile market, her ascent to the zenith of her industry was anything but easy. Her strategy? A blend of persistence, patience, and out-of-the-box thinking that stayed within the parameters governing business, allowing her to transform obstacles into stepping stones toward greater success.

Awards and Accolades

Recognition has come in waves for Sangeetha, a reflection of her exceptional leadership and her company's groundbreaking impact. Being listed among the top Women CEOs is just one highlight in a career studded with accolades. The rapid growth of her company, now a beacon among the top 50 Facility Management companies, stands as a testament to her visionary leadership and the innovative solutions she has brought to the table.

Wisdom and Insight

With success comes wisdom, and Sangeetha has plenty to share. Her advice is clear: ignore the doubters, find a mentor, and invest in education and experience. Above all, she emphasizes the importance of mindset and self-confidence. Forward-thinking and resilience have been her guiding principles, along with an unwavering commitment to learn from the past without dwelling on it. She poignantly notes, “Nobody cares how much we know; they only remember how much we care.” This philosophy extends not just to her team but also to her customers, highlighting the human-centric approach that has been a hallmark of her leadership.

Looking to the Future

As for the future, Sangeetha's aspirations for her brand, Amantra, are clear. She envisions it as the best in its class, continually innovating and adding value to the business while instilling pride in those associated with the brand. On a personal note, she dreams of rekindling her bond with nature and contributing to society, reinforcing her role not just as a business leader but as a global citizen.

The Inspiration Behind the Leader

Sangeetha’s story is more than a corporate success; it’s an inspirational narrative that asserts pedigree is not a prerequisite for leadership. Her journey demonstrates that passion, coupled with a transformative vision, can pave the way to unprecedented success.

Sangeetha Balakrishna’s narrative is one of tenacity, inspiration, and innovation. In a few short years, she has redefined what it means to be a leader in a male-dominated industry, proving that the true measure of success is not just in the balance sheets, but in the ability to inspire change and empower others. Her trajectory is not just a business case study but a beacon for aspiring leaders who seek to make a mark in the world, regardless of their starting point.


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