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Are you looking for an opportunity to gain recognition, build your reputation, and increase your visibility? At Powered Magazine, we offer a platform for talented professionals and thought leaders to showcase their expertise and insights to our engaged and growing audience. With a media feature in Powered Magazine, you can reach new audiences, expand your network, and elevate your personal and professional brand. We invite you to explore this exciting opportunity and join our community of contributors and readers.

Register to Powered Global Club and have the opportunity to:

Submit to Expert Panel opportunities in our closed community.

Get your Interview Published on Powered Magazine.

Post 12 Articles in your area of expertise every year.

Amplify your impact and spark engagement on your channels by sharing your featured article in Powered Magazine.

Network with like-minded people in our exclusive community

*Being accepted as a member of powered global club gives you an Executive Contributor status means that you automatically meet the entrance criteria for one of our annual award lists.

Powered Magazine is a leading international publication that reaches readers across the globe. With a diverse and engaged audience from over 65 countries and six continents, we offer a unique platform for professionals and thought leaders to share their insights and ideas on self-development and business.


Our magazine features exclusive interviews with inspiring leaders and innovators, as well as key insights from business experts worldwide. Our commitment to delivering engaging and informative content has earned Powered Magazine recognition as one of the best online business magazines in the world. Join our community of readers and contributors today and discover the power of Powered Magazine!

At Powered Magazine, we are committed to providing our readers with valuable and inspiring content on self-development and business. As part of this commitment, we seek out and feature talented entrepreneurs who have unique insights to share with our readers. If you are an inspiring coach, leader, or entrepreneur passionate about personal and professional growth, we invite you to join our Exclusive membership.


We also nominate outstanding individuals for our annual award lists, including Powered - Top Influential Business Leaders and Powered 500 Global. Join our community of contributors and readers today and discover the power of Powered Magazine!

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Don't miss out on a chance to be part of something incredible! Our selection committee will review your application and reply with the results within 24 hours. 

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Benefits of Powered Club


Exposure to a broad and engaged audience of professionals and entrepreneurs interested in self-development and business topics. This can expand your reach and help build your personal brand.


Establishing yourself as a credible and knowledgeable thought leader in your field. Sharing your insights and expertise can demonstrate your expertise and establish your reputation as a go-to resource for your audience.


Networking with other talented professionals and entrepreneurs in your industry, building relationships, collaborating on future projects, and potentially developing new business opportunities.


Learning from researching and writing on a variety of self-development and business topics. You can expand your knowledge and gain new perspectives on your work.


Receiving feedback and support from Powered Magazine's editorial team. This allows you to refine your writing skills and receive constructive criticism to help you grow as a writer.


Gaining recognition for your work and accomplishments, with opportunities to be featured and recognized in the magazine. This can be a great honor and a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

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Network with powered members

At Powered Magazine, we offer a unique opportunity to network with other talented professionals and thought leaders in self-development and business. As a member of our community, you'll have the chance to connect with other contributors, readers, and industry experts from all over the world. You can collaborate, share ideas, and build relationships with like-minded individuals committed to personal and professional growth.

Networking with Powered Magazine members can provide you with various benefits, including access to valuable resources, insights, and support. You can gain inspiration, new perspectives, and knowledge by engaging with other members and participating in group discussions. You can also find potential collaborators, mentors, and business partners who can help you achieve your professional goals.

Networking with Powered Magazine members is a great way to expand your horizons and build your personal and professional brand. Our community is committed to helping members achieve their goals and aspirations, and we welcome individuals who are passionate about self-development and business topics. Join us today and start networking with other like-minded professionals!

Unlock access to network with over 16.000+ like-minded individuals in our highly engaged community

Our Facebook Group is a must-join online community where members share a wealth of valuable insights and resources. The Powered community is a large, growing space where you can network, ask questions, and even find new clients. Our members see the group as an exciting opportunity to inspire others, ask for feedback and make new contacts.

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Submit to Guest Writing Opportunities & Get Considered For Powered Magazine Features

When registered in our guest writer database, you can regularly submit to our free publicity opportunities that we publish every week in our community. You can also get contacted by our editorial team if we’re looking to cover a topic within your area of expertise and need expert insight.

Align your brand with some of the world's most enterprising business influencers

Powered Magazine operates at the very forefront of international publishing, reaching readers from over 65 countries and 6 continents worldwide. Now, you have the opportunity to align your brand with some of the world's most enterprising business influencers.

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