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Navigating Challenges and Triumphs: Joan Ekobena's Path to Transforming Homecare

Joan Ekobena
Joan Ekobena

Joan Ekobena is a transformational expert, international best-selling and award-winning author, CEO, success and prosperity coach, and mentor. As a member of the Forbes Business Council and a thought leader with several published articles on Forbes, Ekobena's diverse background spans banking, finance, IT, teaching, and nursing. For the past two decades, she has been at the helm of a home healthcare company, serving and advocating for older people.

Her roles mark Joan Ekobena's professional journey as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. These roles require navigating challenges and leveraging her compassion and commitment to excellence. Her mantra, "results-oriented excellence," is not just a trait but a tool to support personal growth, spiritual development, and strategic success for herself and her clients. She believes everyone can be prosperous and every good desire can be realized. This philosophy drives her mission to help others unlock their full potential, pursue their dreams, and live their desired lives.

Joan's entrepreneurial journey led her to the home care sector, where she and her husband started Homecare Solutions, Inc. DBA Visiting Angels, over 22 years ago. The company helps seniors age in place, providing comfort and independence in familiar surroundings. Despite growing challenges over the years, the opportunity to positively impact the lives of seniors, their families, and various organizations has been immensely rewarding.

These experiences inspired the creation of Premiere Destiny LLC, a success and prosperity coaching company tailored for ambitious professionals and business owners. This company provides a unique goal achievement framework, empowering clients to unlock and design their destinies and live their desired lives.

Starting a business always comes with challenges. Initially, Joan and her husband faced the daunting task of securing their first client. Achieving this milestone significantly boosted their confidence and propelled them forward. Balancing a full-time job, caring for three young children under seven, and starting a new business with her spouse presented its challenges. Delineating responsibilities without stepping on each other's toes was crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Success has become a routine expectation in Joan's career. Celebrating every success, no matter how small, keeps her spirits high during challenging times. She views failure not as a stumbling block but a stepping stone because actual failure only occurs when one quits. Instead, she sees each setback as an opportunity to learn, restrategize, and move forward, which has been essential in helping her remain resilient.

Joan and her team engage continuously with their clients through surveys and direct interactions, which helps them anticipate and address their needs effectively. Valuing employee feedback is crucial, as it often provides perspectives from their experiences, including those of competitors. Active participation in industry networks and membership groups provides insights into market trends and potential changes. Embracing change as a constant and incorporating it into their planning, Joan ensures that her company remains relevant and practical.

Knowing that adversity happens and shouldn't be a stumbling block prepares Joan mentally to tackle it head-on. Her driving force, her 'why,' is her most significant motivator, encouraging her to progress toward her goals. Positive reviews from employees and clients, along with industry awards, reaffirm the positive impact and difference they are making, fueling her motivation even further.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Joan emphasizes the importance of understanding one's 'why'—the reason behind one's choice. Maintaining a growth and positive mindset is vital, as is seeing failure as a learning opportunity. Strategy plays a minor role compared to mindset, which accounts for most business success. She advises focusing on making a positive impact, as success and rewards will follow.

Joan emphasizes the value of building a supportive community around you. Whether through professional networks, mentorship programs, or informal peer groups, insights and encouragement from others who understand the entrepreneurial journey can be invaluable. They provide a sounding board for new ideas, offer solutions, and inspire us to push beyond our perceived limits.

Challenges and Rewards

The most rewarding aspect of Joan's career has been making a significant difference in the lives of employees and clients. It is incredibly fulfilling to provide a job to someone who might not have found one or offer families the support they need during challenging times. The most difficult aspect has been addressing clients' needs in rural areas, with a noticeable shortage of qualified caregivers.

Joan Ekobena's journey in the home care industry exemplifies resilience, innovation, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact. Through her leadership, Homecare Solutions and Premiere Destiny continue to empower individuals, transform lives, and foster a supportive community.


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