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Mastering the Art of Innovation and Leadership: The Inspiring Journey of Tarun Kishnani

In the dynamic world of business development and financial services, few professionals exemplify the blend of innovation, leadership, and global expertise as vividly as Tarun Kishnani. Currently serving as the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at LTIMindtree, focusing on Banks & Financial Institutions, Tarun's career spans over 15 years across continents and industries.

Tarun Kishnani
Tarun Kishnani, Handout

His linguistic dexterity is as remarkable as his professional achievements, being proficient in six languages, including Mandarin and currently exploring the depths of Sanskrit. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the towering skyscrapers of New York, Tarun's journey is a testament to his adaptable and forward-thinking approach in the ever-evolving landscapes of technology and finance.

Tarun Kishnani's career is a narrative of ambition, skill, and strategic foresight. Starting in the competitive realms of financial services and technology, Tarun quickly distinguished himself through his innovative approaches and deep understanding of the market dynamics. His journey, spanning diverse cultural and economic landscapes, from Hong Kong to Miami, shaped his unique perspective on global business development.

The trajectory of Tarun's career is marked by notable accolades and recognitions. A significant highlight is his selection as the Top Voice in Business Development by LinkedIn, placing him in the top 1% of creators on the platform – a testament to his influence and thought leadership in the industry.

His role as a Global Ambassador for Wharton Global Business Programs further underscores his international stature and commitment to fostering global business relationships. In 2017, he was named the Sales Leader of the Year by ICICI Securities Ltd, recognizing his exceptional sales strategy and execution. More recently, in 2023, he received the Super Crew Award from LTIMindtree, celebrating his contributions to the company's growth and innovation.

In his current role at LTIMindtree, Tarun is at the forefront of strategizing and implementing innovative solutions for banks and financial institutions. His leadership has been pivotal in steering the company through the complex challenges of the digital age. Tarun's expertise in consulting with institutional clients across various sectors, including banks, pension funds, and fintech companies, has been instrumental in LTIMindtree's success. His approach goes beyond traditional business development strategies, integrating digital platform initiatives, identifying unique selling propositions, and fostering deep relationships with client CXOs, CIOs, and other key decision-makers.

Tarun Kishnani's global influence is not just limited to his professional achievements but extends into his active participation in international forums. As a member of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Tarun plays a vital role in fostering business relations between India and the United States. His insights and strategic advice as part of the Borderless Blockchain Alliance showcase his commitment to emerging technologies and their application in modern business practices. Furthermore, his involvement as a strategic advisor and shareholder in Equirus Capital and Alt5 Sigma demonstrates his keen interest in the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

Tarun's exceptional networking skills are a cornerstone of his professional persona. His recognition as a Top Voice in Business Development on LinkedIn is a reflection of his expansive network that includes influential figures like Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, and heads of various verticals in multiple industries. With over 11,000 members in his network, Tarun has established himself as a key player in business development. His meticulous maintenance of a file of over 20,000 senior professionals is a testament to his commitment to building and nurturing professional relationships. This network has not only aided his career growth but also positioned him as a trusted advisor and a reliable point of contact for institutional asset managers.

Tarun's ability to create and scale new business lines in banking, investment banking, and technology sectors is noteworthy. His strategic vision and execution led to the transformation of these operations into multi-million-dollar entities. With involvement in over 50 companies going public, Tarun has been instrumental in raising over US$ 3 billion through IPOs, QIPs, and follow-on offerings, marking him as a significant figure in the financial world. Managing teams of over 20 people in diverse roles and across various countries, Tarun honed his leadership skills, comfortably navigating multiple time zones and cultural nuances.

Tarun's initiative to restart a flagship conference for ICICI in Singapore and Hong Kong led to its evolution as Asia's biggest conference, attracting over 100 companies and about 200 investors. Tarun's work with emerging technologies in finance, AI, blockchain technology, and edge computing highlights his knack for staying ahead of technological trends. His role in raising funds from Series A to pre-IPO stages, and becoming a trusted advisor to institutional asset managers, illustrates his expertise and influence in financial circles. Tarun's unique position in client engagement has led to the creation of a substantial net book of business, exceeding US$ 10 million.

Despite his numerous successes, Tarun Kishnani's journey has not been without its challenges. His experiences with interviewing at major corporations like Google, Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, and Coinbase offer a candid glimpse into the realities of professional growth and the resilience required to navigate them.

Over 2.5 years, Tarun engaged in serious interviewing processes with more than 25 prominent companies, each culminating in rejection after several rounds. These experiences, while challenging, provided him with profound insights into the operations, cultures, and expectations of these large corporations. This journey, though fraught with setbacks, became a powerful learning curve.

The most significant lesson Tarun derived from these experiences is the value of preparation. He emphasizes that preparing for an interview is not just about showcasing skills but also about learning and acquiring new ones. This includes technical skills, leadership abilities, and communication prowess. Tarun underscores the importance of character and competence in building trust during interviews, suggesting that these attributes make candidates stand out.

At the core of Tarun Kishnani's remarkable career is a profound personal philosophy and a resilient motivation system that has helped him navigate through both triumphs and trials. Tarun's primary motivation lies in his ability to create a positive impact. Whether it's counseling people to improve their lives and careers or aiding them in gaining confidence to achieve their goals, his desire to contribute meaningfully to society shines through. This altruistic approach extends beyond professional boundaries, reflecting his commitment to doing good without expectations.

In facing adversity, Tarun leans heavily on gratitude. He views his professional journey not just as a series of achievements but as a blessing, filled with invaluable experiences. This sense of gratitude is both an emotional anchor and a mental state for him, equipping him with a powerful tool against any challenges. This mindset, coupled with his deep industry knowledge and expansive network, has been instrumental in his success and resilience.

Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences, Tarun Kishnani offers sage advice to those embarking on their professional journeys. His guidance is a blend of practical wisdom and motivational insights. Tarun emphasizes the importance of learning to sell, regardless of your field. Selling is not just about products or services; it's about ideas, visions, and yourself. He advises not to be disheartened by rejections. In the tough world of business, rejections are part of the journey and are not personal. Tarun believes in the principle of giving more than you take. He stresses the importance of good manners, a high learning rate, and integrity in professional dealings. Showing up on time and the ability to forgive are crucial for professional growth and personal wellbeing. Lastly, Tarun reminds us that hard work is the cornerstone of success. He believes that 'lucky' people are often those who work the hardest.

Trends in Banking & Financial Services Industry and the Future of Money

In an industry as dynamic as banking and financial services, Tarun Kishnani's insights into emerging trends and the future of money are particularly enlightening. His perspectives draw from his extensive experience and deep understanding of the intersection of technology and finance.

  1. The Evolution of Currency and Transactions: Tarun foresees a future dominated by multi-currency, multi-wallet systems, offering more personalized transaction experiences. The ease of transaction and settlement will be key in this increasingly digital financial landscape.

  2. Technology as a Great Enabler: He emphasizes the role of technology, particularly AI and blockchain, in enhancing productivity, automating processes, and leveraging data analytics to boost customer engagement and revenue. Professionals should focus on using technology rather than just coding it.

  3. The Rise of Embedded Finance: Tarun predicts that financial services will become more integrated into our personal lives. He anticipates increased competition between tech and non-tech companies and banks, with payments becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

  4. Innovation in FinTech: He believes that FinTech companies will continue to innovate, creating more advanced offerings. This innovation will force traditional banks to either partner with these companies, acquire them, or risk becoming obsolete.

  5. Open Banking and Data Sharing: The concept of open banking, enabling unprecedented data sharing and collaboration between financial institutions, is another trend Tarun highlights as transformative for the industry.

Tarun Kishnani's journey is a remarkable tapestry of professional excellence, innovative leadership, and impactful networking in the realms of banking, finance, and technology. His story is not just about the accolades and successes but also about resilience, continuous learning, and the drive to make a difference. From leading teams across continents to advising on global business strategies, his journey offers a wealth of insights and inspiration to professionals worldwide.

Tarun's insights into the future of banking and finance, coupled with his advice to aspiring professionals, reflect a deep understanding of the industry's evolution and the qualities needed to succeed in this dynamic environment. His philosophy of gratitude, resilience in the face of adversity, and commitment to impact are lessons that transcend professional boundaries.

As we reflect on Tarun Kishnani's career and contributions, it becomes clear that his story is about more than just business achievements. It is a narrative of personal growth, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the power of a global perspective in today’s interconnected world. For professionals looking to carve their path in the challenging yet rewarding world of finance and technology, Tarun's journey stands as a beacon of inspiration and a roadmap to success.


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