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Jill McAbe: Empowering Women in Leadership and Driving Social Impact

Exclusive Interview of Jill McAbe of BOOM-U Media. Edited by Powered Magazine


Jill McCabe
Jill McAbe, Founder of BOOM-U Media

In this exclusive interview with Powered Magazine, we have the privilege of delving into the extraordinary accomplishments and insights of Jill McAbe. From her career highlights and experiences to her perspectives on gender equality, diversity, and driving social impact, we uncover the depth of her passion and the breadth of her contributions.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I'm Jill McAbe, a business course creator and bestselling author specializing in productivity and business development for purpose-driven independent professionals. With a background in leadership, certifications in change and coaching, and a wealth of business experience, I've used my expertise to help others achieve emotional and financial well-being.

After a life-changing car accident, I refocused my efforts to empower purpose-driven professionals, reaching over 20,000 students through productivity courses like "The Neuroscience of Goal Setting". My business development courses, such as IGNITE and True2Brand, have helped my clients become micro-influencers in their fields.

What sets me apart is my unique blend of business acumen, scientific knowledge, and spiritual teachings. My commitment to balance is admired by my community; I prioritize well-being over the relentless pursuit of financial gain. I've been recognized by Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine, among others, and featured on many top 1% podcasts.

What were your biggest challenges when starting your business?

When starting my business, my biggest challenges revolved around selecting a single skill set and carving out a niche. The abundance of potential products and services initially overwhelmed me, and I hesitated to choose just one. However, I soon realised the importance of focusing on building one product at a time to achieve success. This gradual approach eventually led to the development of an ecosystem of products.

Another hurdle was finding my niche. While consulting for high-earning entrepreneurs and assisting them with vision, strategy, and leadership development, I thrived on their energy. However, working with team members who lacked the same enthusiasm for growth proved draining. This prompted me to shift my focus towards independent, purpose-driven professionals who not only pursued financial success but were also committed to making a positive impact through their work.

How have you handled success and failure over the course of your career?

I view both success and failure as essential in shaping our journeys. Inspired by Teresa Amabile's research at Harvard, I've come to understand the significance of recognising even the smallest victories. It fuels a positive feedback loop in our brains, propelling us forward. Similarly, failure plays a critical role as a teacher. Throughout my two decades of entrepreneurship, I've encountered failed initiatives, launches, and challenging financial periods. However, these experiences have provided invaluable lessons and guided me towards a path I know is better. Embracing the saying "when one door closes, another opens," I've learned to let go of circumstances beyond my control and embrace a calm curiosity.

This mindset has led to the discovery that setbacks often pave the way for better opportunities. I'm deeply grateful for my past failures, as they have ultimately led me to pursue what I love today.

What strategies do you use to stay competitive in a changing market?

To keep up with changes, I’ve employed listening, purpose, and persistence. For instance, when the COVID pandemic struck, I noticed a sudden influx of new "business coaches". Despite my decade-long track record and the $100 million in value my clients had collectively created, I now faced a wave of new competition.

A new wave of coaches offered prescriptive ‘follow-my-lead’ business systems, but business, I believe, isn't one-size-fits-all. Each enterprise is a unique puzzle that needs a tailored approach. To succeed, professionals must grasp the foundations of business and apply them to their specific circumstances. Following someone else's blueprint doesn’t typically achieve the desired results.

To stay competitive, I leaned on my years of experience and commitment to serving my market. The breadth of my programmes and my inside-out methodology became a unique selling point. Above all, it's my passion for helping people who help people that truly sets me apart.

What motivations drive you to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity?

My drive is fueled by the joy I feel when my clients succeed! Many of my clients and course participants have become leaders in their spaces or micro influencers. It brings me to tears of joy when I see them surrounded by people who love them. The positive ripple effect that I know is unfolding in the world, and the fact that I am a small part of it, makes me feel incredible.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their chosen field?

The most crucial advice I can share is to pick something you genuinely enjoy. There will be challenging times, so your passion will serve as a necessary motivator, guiding you through tricky stages like marketing your business and finding your community.

While initial clients often come from personal networks, the true test lies in reaching a broader audience beyond personal ties. To succeed, a clear and compelling brand message is essential. This is often overlooked by professionals, hindering their business growth potential.

I recommend developing a founder’s story following the structure of a hero's journey as the first step. Crafting this story for oneself allows all other messaging, such as unique selling propositions and social media topics, to naturally align. This powerful narrative accelerates trust-building and becomes a remarkable catalyst for marketing efforts.

What trends do you see emerging in your industry that are likely to shape its future growth and development?

In my industry, I observe a significant trend towards holistic wealth, transcending a fixation on financial prosperity alone. This shift, driven by global changes in social, economic, and environmental landscapes, is leading individuals to reevaluate their priorities and definitions of success.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurship is gaining momentum, with an increasing emphasis on creating value aligned with personal and societal impact. The rise of registered B-Corps and the demand for leadership development exemplify this commitment to positive social change.

As society undergoes transformative crises, individuals are prioritising personal fulfilment and societal improvement. This awareness is reshaping our industry. In response, my Wealthy System offers a holistic approach to wealth creation, focusing on balanced, purpose-driven success that benefits both individuals and broader communities.

Are there any skills or areas of expertise that you think are essential for success in your field?

The key to success in my field is leadership, not merely as a means of managing others but as a means of bringing out the best in them. Before this is possible, however, one must learn to bring out the best in oneself. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and embracing one's truth are vital. My programmes, designed around an inside-out methodology, advocate for this personal growth as a pathway to professional success. Hence, a holistic approach to leadership and personal development is essential, fostering both personal and professional thriving.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers that we haven’t already discussed?

Never doubt that you were purpose-built for success. Far too often, I hear of people abandoning their dreams after being told they 'weren't good enough'. Don't let others dictate your worth or the fate of your dreams. Embrace your calling. Remember, many successful individuals faced rejection. It's essential to remember that one person's feedback doesn't define you. The world needs your solution. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself, trust in your abilities, and make your mark on the world.

If you need help getting to the next level of success, I invite you to my monthly First Friday Fireside Chats for free group coaching. I’d be happy to help you! You can RSVP at Eventbrite here.


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