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Is Facebook & Instagram Selling Blue Checks for $12 a Month?

Blue Checks

As social media platforms continue to grow, so do the ways in which companies are looking to monetize them. Facebook and Instagram are testing a new feature that would allow users to purchase verified blue checks for $12 a month. This would allow users to distinguish themselves from others and potentially improve their visibility on the platform. While it's not clear if this feature will be made available to all users, it's certainly something that could be appealing to those who are looking for ways to stand out on social media. This feature is being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand for testing.

With the growth of social media, verifying one's account with a check mark has quickly become more valuable than ever before. Facebook & Instagram are capitalizing on this value by selling blue checks for $12 a month. While it might seem outrageous, those who purchase the checks will be making a statement; they not only stand out but also have taken the necessary steps to gain verification for their accounts. In addition, these checks can also increase user engagement as there is an inherent trust in verified accounts that allows users to take what is shared more seriously. That ready access and intrinsic trust may be worth the $12 a month paid for an ultimate validation -- the blue check mark.


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