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Empowering Dreams: Spotlight on Korinna Heintze, Founder of ROYAL Life

Exclusive Interview of Korinna Heintze of ROYAL Life. Edited by Powered Magazine


Korinna Heintze
Korinna Heintze, the founder of ROYAL Life

In a world brimming with remarkable individuals, there are few who possess the passion and drive to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Korinna Heintze, the extraordinary founder of ROYAL Life, stands out as a beacon of inspiration, leading a movement that empowers individuals to unlock their true potential and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment. We reached out for an interview. Read more to find out how you can succeed as a woman in a finance role.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Korinna Heintze. I am the founder of ROYAL LEBEN, which provides life coaching and mentoring for leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts. I show my clients how they can always find themselves free and unashamedly happy. Instead of crises and stress, new energy and power emerge from nothing, and what they want for themselves and their lives emerges in every moment.

ROYAL LIFE is not a concept; it’s a state of being that gives a new quality of life and pure enjoyment of life. In 2016, the author experienced burnout due to multiple personal crises. However, they are grateful for this drumbeat of life and have found the source of their strength and energy again. For more than 20 years, the author has been exploring the connection between limitations, crises, and stress and the ability to always arrive back at themselves and experience themselves as free and unashamedly happy in every moment. This state of being in ROYAL LIFE can be applied to any situation, no matter what it is.

Energy work, spirituality, and leadership are all important aspects of life. With the Quantum Life-Energy Code, holistic methods, modern energetic and spiritual tools, life principles, universal laws, and insights from quantum physics can be shared. By discovering your potential at the source of your life's energy, your quality of life increases, and you can easily release emotional and mental ballast, stress, and physical problems. This can lead to new energy, power, and a whole new kind of success in your life. Even if others say energy work, spirituality, and leadership do not fit together, it is all about the meaning and power of your life. Imagine if every human being could find the source of their life's energy and create a new Golden Age that works for everyone.

In 1989, the author experienced a special moment when the Berlin Wall fell during a stormy time. This moment was a result of personal limitations, beliefs, experiences, or patterns that prevented people from being truly free. Theories, strategies, and tips on how to live your life and have freedom are abundant, but few mentors focus on how to master one's energy level when one is free and happy.

The expertise of Korinna Heintze covers in the business world are these main topics: leadership and leadership development, self-leadership, health management/BGM, dealing with burnout, mental strain and stress, resilience, mindfulness, work-life balance, change and change management, conflicts and crises, mediation, team development, work and organizational psychology, communication, and editing.

What were your biggest challenges when starting your business?

I wrote my book during the Corona crisis, "ROYAL LIFE. From the crisis back to your own throne". Following that, I started my business. In an absolutely uncertain time, even if you're not yet visible, you haven't yet honed your offer to the point of still following what drives you and keeping going, even if everyone else is shaking their heads and thinking you're crazy. That was my biggest challenge.

How have you handled success and failure over the course of your career?

I feel both success and failure. That's especially good when it feels good. Failure, however, is not a nice feeling. And yet I also and especially feel the bad feeling. There is no use in trying to change it because that is how you feel. It helps to stay in the moment with everything that comes up. I then decide what degree of importance I want to give to success and failure.

What strategies do you use to stay competitive in a changing market?

I listen very attentively to my clients and can thus respond very specifically to their needs. I trust my inner voice more than cognitive concepts. I have always been somehow ahead of the times, and when something became a trend, the next product or offer already showed up for me. I do not compare myself with other coaches and mentors. I assume that each client will find the one that fits best.

What motivations drive you to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity?

I want a world where everyone is free and unashamedly happy. When everyone arrives at themselves, then everyone lives their life to their full potential. That's why I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and decision-makers. Because when they are free and happy with themselves, they carry that into their professional environment. This is the best way for them to help their employees live their lives freely and happily.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their chosen field?

In any case, there are different phases that belong to it: In the beginning, you often look at the company from your own perspective and offer what you think is good. That's because it takes a while for you to really find your core theme. It's a constant realignment. My advice is to enjoy this phase and don't drive yourself crazy because not everything is working out right away yet. With time, you will become clearer, your offers more precise, and your own attitude more stable, and then comes the moment when you understand that it is your own journey. Only from these individual puzzle pieces will something whole emerge, exactly as you want it. Trust that every step, no matter how small, even if it looks like a step backward, is only there so that you can find your very clear positioning. And then comes the visibility.

How have technological advances affected the way you conduct business or operate your venture?

This makes it possible to work with clients regardless of where they live. At the same time, I also offer time-out mentoring and meet with my clients in person on site. I think that's important. With all the technological advances, for me, it's the moments when we really meet and face each other in real time.

In what ways has customer feedback or response influenced how you prioritize goals or objectives for your business or venture?

I am very happy when I feel the impact my work has on the lives and energy of my clients. I am in close contact with them. They can leave me messages or ask further questions at any time, so they can get immediate support from me 24/7 (except weekends) as well. This is brilliant, and my clients love it, especially my voice messages.

What trends do you see emerging in your industry that are likely to shape its future growth and development?

I believe that it is becoming more and more apparent whether coaches or mentors themselves live meaningfully and according to their own values. Whether they want to contribute to something greater than themselves with an attitude of abundance, love, peace, and freedom, or whether they are simply concerned with profits, margins, and lack In this case, customers are always kept in dependency. That is not my way. It also has nothing to do with self-determination, love, or peace. I am not available for that.

What have been the most rewarding and difficult aspects of your chosen career or business path?

I experienced a burnout in 2016 that brought me to the border between life and death. That was the most difficult moment and, at the same time, the most rewarding moment of my journey. Without this experience, I would not be able to accompany my clients today the way I do. My job would be to work on some kind of concept or strategy. But this is life, and my own experience shows that even in a situation in which nothing exists anymore, everything is possible. That makes me happy that I can show that.

Are there any skills or areas of expertise that you think are essential for success in your field?

One's own experience. The ability and willingness for inner transformation By this, I don't mean that you change anything about yourself to make it better or more optimized. I mean that you really live something new, discover and investigate new possibilities, so that you really live alive and do not just have an idea of yourself and your life, which you perhaps only run after until the end. That would be a great pity not to have lived.

How has working remotely or online impacted your business or venture over the past year?

This has increased my reach. I have also started offering group courses and entering into collaborations with other mentors.

What tips would you like to offer to others who are in a similar position to you but looking to take their careers or businesses further?

If you don't love what you do and you don't discover that it's about more than putting yourself first, then you're likely to be permanently in stress and competition mode. You need a vision bigger than yourself. Something you get up for every morning. And it's something that has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the world and who we want to be as human beings.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers that we haven’t already discussed?

Yes, we are all queens and kings in our lives. We are already born that way; we just often forget that. Then we start to come to terms with life and its circumstances. Life is okay like that, we tell ourselves. We settle in and accept it. I ask you to realize that you have a life that is far greater than just being OK this way. It is unique and extraordinary. Live it. I call it ROYAL LIFE.


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